Do you ever feel more like a three ring circus than a musician trying to juggle all the moving parts of your music career? It can be so overwhelming trying too keep it all together as a DIY artist. But thankfully there are a ton of resources that can help you manage your music business like a pro!


I’ve curated a list here of some of my favorite resources and tools that have helped me to streamline and automate my own music career and I’m confident they can help you to turn your circus into a finely choreographed ballet too!

How I practice what I preach...

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As you tune in to the podcast you’ll probably hear me talk about breaking the “starving artist” mindset. Partnering with brands and companies that I genuinely love and use allows me to practice what I preach.

It won’t cost you any extra, if fact you might even save a little money. AND you’ll be helping me support live music because I use the money I earn from affiliate commisons to buy concert tickets, merch and maybe a Shiner Bock or two...because live music and Shiner go together like Loretta and Conway!


Tech tools to help you automate your process.








Professional service folks that can help you elevate your career.

Barbara Potter

Erin Anderson

Rory Rositas

Rick Braker

Ellen Britton

Ariel Hyatt

Rock Star Advocate

Pat Flynn

Books & Podcasts

A collection of books and podcasts I love. 

Building a Story Brand (book and podcast! Both are AMAZING must haves y'all!)

Don't Keep Your Day Job Podcast with Cathy Heller

Coffee Country and Cody Podcast

The Influencer Podcast with Jules Solomon 

CD Baby DIY Podcast

Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

The Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast

Music Industry Blueprint Podcast with Rick Barker

Made it in Music Podcast


Recommended products

Gibson Guitar

Guitar Tuner

Printed Threads