You Find Out Who Your Friends Are: Whole Hearted Friendship

Did you ever make a pact with your childhood friends? You know, the kind where you promise to be best friends forever? My childhood was riddled with pacts, friendship bracelets and those awesome heart-shaped necklaces that were split down the middle allowing you to wear one half and your BFF to wear the other.

That jagged little metal half heart, dangling on a chain around your neck held so much significance. It was a reminder of the solemn vow you made to remain close. And yet more often than not, those relationships that once seemed unbreakable, broke apart and drifted away like clouds in the sky. Even at such a young age, almost instinctively, we begin to feel the need to fiercely protect and cling to the connections we’ve formed. Its as if we’ve been hard wired to believe that everything is fleeting and perhaps that is true.

When you make a move like the one I’ve just made, there comes a point when you start to find out who your friends are. Some connections grow weak with time and space while others seem to intensify and become stronger than ever. It’s been said that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime and I know that not all relationships are built to last. But how do you identify which connections are worth fighting for and which to just let slip away? And why is letting go so hard?

I’ve had deep connections with people that have vanished into memories and watching the distance grow as someone phases you out is never easy. And yet I continue to plunge whole heartedly into my relationships. It would be easy to put up walls and to not allow myself to become so fully invested in others given the risk. But those walls not only shield you from the pain, but from the beauty as well. I’ve been truly blessed by some lifetime friends. Friends who like pillars, lift me up and keep me grounded and those friendships would not have had the room to grow surrounded by walls of fear.

Even the relationships that have been the root of some of my greatest heartache were at one point a source of some of my greatest joy. Those connections, regardless of how fleeting, matter. And maybe you can’t guarantee that they will be forever, even with the most beautiful half-heart friendship necklace, but you can guarantee that they will be worth it.

So, to hell with walls. Tear them down and open your heart. If I’m your friend, I’m all in. I’m passionate and a perhaps a little intense at times, but like Terri Clark says in her song Emotional Girl “Some folks may say I’m too extreme, cause I can’t stop once I start, but I never could do anything with half my heart”

Thanks for reading! I’ll see ya at the Opry!