Why Wait: Learning To Find Gratitude In The Fog

Most days, my dream appears as clear as my reflection in the bathroom mirror. But on occasion, much like my bathroom mirror, my dream gets fogged up and I find myself struggling to get a clear visual. The past few weeks my dream has been on the foggy side, but this week as I emerge from the fog I feel rested, recharged and ready to take this town by storm!

I’ve come to realize that those moments of fogginess are usually followed by moments of great clarity. Now, that's not to say that in the fog I always feel completely calm cool and collected. It’s quite the opposite actually. Waves of panic crash down on me, filling my consciousness with the fear that I’ve lost sight of my dreams for good. Then I remind myself that this is a part of the process and no matter how disconnected I may feel in the moment, my dreams are a force much too strong to stay hidden among the fog.

In a recent conversation with my new brother in law (my sister got married two weeks ago...insert happy dance here!) something, he said really resonated with me. We were discussing life and all its crazy twists and turns and Eric told me that he'd adopted a why wait strategy. He went on to explain that in moments when life had thrown him a curve ball, he would struggle to understand why things were unfolding the way they were. But inevitably and without fail, a moment would arrive that would fill him with gratitude for the perfect order in which things had actually unfolded. So instead of waiting for that moment of clarity to strike, when he finds himself in the thick of life’s greatest plot twists he asks himself, why wait? Why wait to be thankful? Start with gratitude, knowing that all things are falling in place in divine order even when you can’t see the reasons why. It's a brilliant concept.

My dream is constantly evolving and changing and I’m learning to be thankful for that. If our dreams were always crystal clear, I wonder if we would seek them out with as much gusto? Perhaps those moments of fog actually serve to make our dreams stronger by forcing us to constantly refocus our sights on seeing them clearly. This week I intend to lead with gratitude, giving thanks for all that is and all that will be as I reconnect with my dreams. I’ll slip willingly into my daydreams with a grateful heart, falling madly in love with all the possibilities. I don’t need to see the whole picture to know that in this moment, I am exactly where I am meant to be and there is a wealth of potential and beauty on the horizon.

So I’ll leave you with this question, what is going to unfold in your future that you’re grateful for and why wait to give thanks? I’m grateful for YOU and the time you have taken to read my words.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see ya at the Opry!