Pep Rallies and Musical Soul Mates: How Eric Church Blessed Me With Friendship

I had a slight case of writer's block last week, which is why this blog post is coming to you a little later than usual. I've been working a ton and getting ready to go to California for my sister's wedding, so not a whole lot has been happening musically and I was stumped on what to write about. Then it dawned on me as I listened to Randy Travis, I should write about Jessica!

It was Halloween 2007 and Eric Church was playing at Neumos in Seattle. I’d never been to one of his shows before, but my friend Joseph convinced me that I was missing out. So we got some tickets and sporting Halloween costumes, went to the show.

While waiting for Eric to take the stage, a conversation struck up between Jessica and I. Up to this point we were total strangers, but right off the bat we were talking like we'd known each other for years. When the show started we danced and sang along. Joseph proved to be right because Eric does in fact put on a pretty amazing live show. When the music came to an end Jessica and I exchanged phone numbers and agreed that we should definitely hang out sometime...and that’s exactly what we did.

We had no idea just how special the friendship that blossomed that night would be. As we got to know each other better we found that we had so much in common and our love of music was just the tip of the iceberg. Since we both had Fridays off we adopted that as our official day to hang out. We’d get together every week for a cup of coffee or a beer and talk about everything from work to our biggest dreams. We affectionately dubbed Fridays our “pep rallies” because inspiration was always flowing. They became a sacred and cherished tradition and there was never a shortage of laughter. Since we’re basically musical soul mates, live music was a regular pep rally occurrence for us. We’ve been to so many shows together that it's hard to keep track of them all at this point, but the memories we’ve made are some of the best in my life. 

Jessica is the kind of friend that will stand with me, crushed at the front of the stage in a crowded bar room when our favorite bands are in town. We jump around and sing like we’re the only two in the room and it’s amazing. She is the Ethel to my Lucy, the Thelma to my Louise. She is my faithful partner in crime and I love the fact that I don't have to hold back acting like a complete goofball with her because I know she’ll just join in on the goofiness. She's a loyal friend and I never have to wonder where I stand with her because I know she is in my corner even if we’re miles apart. I count her friendship as one of my greatest blessings and I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Eric Church for bringing her into my life.

When Jessica moved back home to Texas and I moved to Nashville we both knew it was going to take a concerted effort to keep us connected. Thankfully we have some pretty amazing technology to help with the cause, but every Friday that we’re apart I still feel like a part of me is missing. These days the state of Arkansas is the only thing between us and like Alan Jackson once sang “Oh how I wish Dallas was in Tennessee!” I love you, Jessica and I thank God for your friendship. Happy Pep Rally!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see ya at the Opry!