01 Introducing the Opry Dreamer Podcast

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

It's finally here! I've been working behind the scenes for months on this show and I've been happy dancing all day now that it's out in the world!

I started this show as a way to bring fellow country musicians together. As a singer songwriter, one of my favorite parts of making music, aside from the making music part obviously, is getting to build relationships! I love connecting with fellow musicians and with fans and having a shared experience through music. I feel like country artists and fans of country music have this a sort of built in camaraderie that comes along with it and that is unlike anything else. We’re a loyal bunch and I feel like a love of country music is all it takes sometimes to strike up a sincere bond with someone.

As an artist myself I’ve been telling folks for years that I’m a #grandoleoprygonnabe. It’s always been my life’s ambition, in fact I’ve written multiple songs about the Opry. It’s my muse and I’m fascinated by the idea that after all these years, because of the Grand Ole Opry I have a shared experience with a show that my grandparents cherished. The circle remains unbroken and the Opry really is a national treasure.

Making to the Grand Ole Opry stage is the dream of so many folks like me and for the folks who have already made it there, it’s a dream come true. I’m a loyal Coffee Country and Cody fan and I LOVE when Bill’s guests share their Opry stories, but I always find myself wanting more and I always have questions of my own that I’m dying to ask!

So one day as I was driving to work listening to Loretta Lynn this idea came at me so clear, and so loud that it couldn’t be silenced or ignored. Why not start a podcast and use it as a way to bring aspiring country artists together, because like they say, a rising tide lifts all the boats! We could talk to the stars of the Grand Ole Opry and the conversations we had could live on like a time capsule of virtual mentorship from the folks who know first hand what it takes to get the that stage.

But I didn’t wanna stop there. I knew that I absolutely wanted to include interviews with music industry experts as well because I strongly believe that as artists it’s our responsibility to always be learning. There are so many moving parts to the music business and it can be overwhelming knowing where to focus your efforts.

But I love the idea of curating a bank of resources and inspiration for the country artists out there chasing their Opry dreams! They're my people and I intimately know and understand that dream! I heard Tony Robbins say that success leaves clues and I love that because it’s SO true.

There is so much that can be learned from the experiences of others who've reached a dream that you're hoping to achieve and my hope with this show is that folks will come for a cup of ambition and inspiration and stay for the county music camaraderie the find when they get here! So I hope you’ll join me! Tune in to a new show every Tuesday!

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Thanks for Reading and I'll see you at the Opry!

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