About Me

I'm just an old soul in a new country world, y'all!

I'm a music making mama chasing dreams and keeping it real with a baby on my hip and a cup of ambition in my hand. 


I'm a Grand Ole Opry dreamer and a classic country super fan with a vinyl collection that might qualify me for an episode of hoarders. I'm convinced that Waylon Jennings is my honky tonk guardian angel and George Jones once got me out of jury duty (it's a long, true story. I'll share it with you sometime)


I currently call the Pacific Northwest home, however I’ve sold everything except my guitars and moved cross country twice, and I've lived in 5 different states. So I guess I'm a bit of a gypsy soul.

I'm the daughter of a blues man, who taught me everything I know about music and the first song I ever wrote was with my daddy in the 4th grade. It was all about the functions of the brain and we wrote it to help me ace a test. I passed the test and acquired songwriting fever. There was no turning back.  

Most folks don't know that as a kid I had a short lived career as a member of a

girls group called The Twister Sisters. We were all the rage on the senior center circuit for a month or two, but group drama caused things to fizzle out and the group broke up VH1 behind the music style. It was then that I set out on my own singing Toni Braxton covers at weddings. Video evidence exists of this series of events y'all, but I'll just keep that safely out of the internet's reach. 


In a romance fit for a country song, my husband Gabe and I were introduced by our mama’s when we were teenagers. I made sure to tell my mama that she didn’t know my taste in men and I wouldn’t like him, because you know, teenagers. We’ve been together ever since, and mama made sure to mention

the fact that she “told me so” on many occasions.


If you look up crazy dog lady in the dictionary, it'll say Rachel Mae. I'm obsessed. I’ve worked with dogs for over 18 years as I’ve chased my musical dreams and I've often joked that I scooped a lot of dog poop to buy that gorgeous Gibson guitar in my arms (That's the blonde bombshell. She's an L200 Emmylou Harris edition...swoon!)


The rumors are true. I'm a storm chaser. I'm a total nerd when it comes to extreme weather. My indie hustle is fueled by Shiner Bock (Prosit!) and Texas music.

If that didn't answer all your burning questions, no judgement. I've worked hard to get to cyber-stalking status! Click here to read more about me.

Have a question? Email me directly at hello@rachelmademedia.com


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